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We're a small group of people with a passion for games - playing them, and making them - and this is where we share that passion with you. Welcome to!

An addition and a subtraction

We've gone mobile! Our first iPhone game, Adder, is available in the App Store and we're sure it'll delight anyone with a love for numbers.

To celebrate this slightly momentous occasion we've dropped the prices of our Windows and Mac games to app levels. Now you too can connect loops on your way to Hell for next to nothing!

February 21, 2012

Alice moves to Brazil

Thanks to the initiative and efforts of Filipe at we can now give you a Portuguese version of Alice Amazed - O Labirinto da Alice!

(And in a less exciting continuation of the last news update, we've had to put the Mac version of Johnny on hold for a while. We won't take a guess on the release date this time, but it's not likely to happen before fall.)

May 20, 2011

Hell on Ice

Discovering Online Games - If you enjoy online games, the vast web offers many options including online casino games that can be enjoyed for free as well on either your mobile or desktop computer.

It's with a lot of pride we can announce that To Hell with Johnnytook the top spot in SpecialEffect's Accessible Gamebase's list of Top 10 Games of 2010. These guys do a great job bringing gaming to everyone and we're honored by the recognition!

Unsure if this game is for you? Well, try it- it's free. Or for an outside perspective you can read this awesome review on Byttenwhich might even be a better overview of the game than ours.

Now the bad news; vicious winter germs have noticably delayed the Mac version of Johnny but we aim to have it ready for testing within the coming month.

January 5, 2011