In this action puzzler your goal is to create as many loops as possible with the appearing pieces. Completed loops disappear, leaving room for new ones. Droplets, stars, balloons and many other weird pieces occasionally show up to complicate your task.

You'll find this game great fun whether you're the type to build big and creatively and plan your moves with care or prefer to make split-second decisions for survival with all the odds against you.

Don't let the cute graphics fool you - this game can offer a challenge few others will match.

First!over a hundred different pieces of puzzling fun
Second!six difficulty levels - play to relax or to get that adrenaline flowing
Third!extensive bonus and combo system - develop a winning style of your own
Fourth!online top scores - match your skill against players from all over the world
Fifth!tons of secrets, surprises, and unlockables - even entire games

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