It's the year 8848 and humanity is slowly recovering from millennia of nuclear wars, environmental catastrophes and an alien invasion or two. Most of the world is rendered uninhabitable by radioactive fallout and malfunctioning defense systems from long forgotten conflicts. These ruins of past civilizations are a goldmine for a people turning technology into religion. There's never a shortage of treasure hunters and daredevils venturing into uncharted lands in the hope of striking it rich. Though some bring powerful relics that could change the world, remarkably few return at all. The elite few that do are universally revered and known simply as Archaists. The rest are dead.

Archaist is a remake of David Lubar's 1984 game Pastfinder, a vertically scrolling shoot'em up with elements of strategy and an unusual pacing. On top of the original exploration-style game we also offer new game types, including a frantic shooter mode and both competitive and cooperative two player modes. All either with updated art or in "retro" mode which mimics the original.

Created for the 2006 Retro Remakes Accessibility Competition it had the great honor of receiving Barrie Ellis' spot prize for its many accessibility features. Quote head-judge Oddbob's review: Both a fantastic package and a fantastic game. If you've not played it yet - it begs the question "why the hell not?"

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